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AVENTON – Aventure.2 Step-Through Ebike

(58 reviews)


Take adventure by the reins with the Aventure.2 Step-Through, fully loaded with a torque sensor. Simply slip into the saddle and let its torque sensor amplify your pedaling efforts. Its intelligent technology recognizes your physical output and matches it, promoting a more natural riding experience.


28 MPH
4” Fat Tires
60 Miles
400 lbs
iOS, Android

Aventure.2 Step Through comes in 2 sizes to suit most adults.

Regular: 4’11” – 5’7″

Large: 5’7″ – 6’1″

Frame Size                                            Regular                                              Large
Top Tube Length                                  604mm                                            604mm
Reach                                                     375mm                                            375mm
Head Tube Length                               140mm                                            140mm
Standover Height                                 478mm                                            478mm
Wheelbase                                           1141mm                                         1141mm
Min Saddle Height                               820mm                                            920mm
Max Saddle Height                              940mm                                           1040mm
MODEL: Aventure.2 Step-Through Ebike
MOTOR: 750W (Sustained), 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor
THROTTLE: Throttle on demand – Throttle from a complete stop
DISPLAY: LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight, Colorful screen with app
SPEED: Up to 28 MPH on Pedal Assist
BATTERY: Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 15Ah (720Wh) with LG cells
SENSORS: Torque Sensor
CHARGER: 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger, 4-5 Hour Charging
RANGE: Up to 60 Miles*
FRAME: 6061 Single-Butted Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery
WEIGHT: 77 lbs
PEDALS: 9/16′ Alloy Platform
FORK: Suspension Fork with 80mm travel, with lockout
KICKSTAND: Included, Rear Mount
BOTTOM BRACKET: Square Taper, Sealed, Torque Sensor
CRANKSET: 170mm w/ 48 T
CASSETTE: 12-32T, 8 Speed
SHIFT LEVER: 8 Speed Trigger
BRAKES: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
CHAIN: 122 Link, 8 Speed
RIM: Double Wall Aluminum 36h Front & Rear
SPOKES: Black Stainless 13G Front / 12G Rear
TUBES: Butyl Rubber, Schrader Valve
HUBS: 36H Disc Nutted Front and Rear Axles
TIRES: 26″ x 4″ Puncture Resistant
SADDLE: Aventon by Velo
SEATPOST: Forged Alloy, 30.9mm 2-Bolt Clamp
STEM: Threadless, 31.8mm, 8 Degree Rise
SEAT CLAMP: 34.9 mm Quick Release
HANDLEBARS: Aluminum 31.8mm, 680mm
HEADSET: Sealed Bearing Headset
GRIPS: Ergonomic Comfort
Technical Overview
The Aventure.2 comes out of the box as a Class II ebike, with pedal assist and throttle going up to 20 MPH . It can be unlocked to a Class III ebike and can go up to 28 MPH on pedal assist. The Aventure.2 will also operate with the throttle unplugged and removed, should you want to ride in an area where throttles are prohibited. Aventon ebikes are built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard. IPX4 means that your bike is resistant to water splashes from any direction. This means it’s OK to ride your ebike in light rain. It won’t be harmed by spray from a wet road or raindrops. Your ebike is not intended to be exposed to prolonged rain or submerged or subjected to a pressurized spray. Don’t use a pressure washer or sprayer to clean your ebike. *Using PAS 1 throughout flat terrain with a rider weight of 160 lb.

58 reviews for AVENTON – Aventure.2 Step-Through Ebike

  1. Katty West

    I LOVE it – it is so much fun to ride!

  2. Inspi Treaty

    After renting other manufacturers prior to the Aventures, we found the Aventure the best one out of all the ones in our price range. We also discovered what a Class 1 bike was, and that was not a lot of fun for a long day on the trails…… We love our new e bikes and look forward to exploring the less-traveled parts of Montana where we live. Thanks.

  3. Stephie J

    I’ve now had the bike for a little over 2 months and it’s great fun. There’s been 2 minor problems so far: 1) a scraping noise from the front brake. This was eventually resolved by adjusting the caliper. A very fussy adjustment. 2) after 300 miles I noticed my left pedal wobbling, found the bolt holding the crank arm had come loose. I removed the bolts on both sides and retorqued them using loctite. The bolt is an 8mm allen, the multi tool that comes with the bike only goes up to 6mm, so carry an 8mm with you! Other than that, the bike has been great! Battery range has been better than expected. Highly recommended!

  4. Karl Norman

    Just picked up from local dealer and only rode it down my street and back so far. Only thing is was wondering if can get small ramp to make it easier to load in and out of pickup. Also, what kind of bells that have strap that doesn’t fall off can get for it? Bell I ordered on Amazon the silicon straps doesn’t stay on when attaching to handle. Also is their a rear light can attach to back?

  5. Lopez

    Aventure.2 Ebike🙌👍

  6. Joe Smith

    I have had a hip replacement and going thru various other issues. I have not been able to ride my bicycle/motorcycle for 2 yrs. This Bike has got me back out in the wind. I get some exercise and get to ride some kind of bike. Love it.

  7. Dave Russell

    I owned an Aventure 1 and was very happy with it But when they came out with Aventure 2 and all the upgrades I thought perhaps I should get one. Love all the safety improvements IE the upgraded lights and turn signals and the torque sensor is a whole lot different than the cadence . I am sure i will get used to it as time goes on, All I can say is if you like not putting in much effort when you are riding or if you have bad knees, stick with the cadence, the torque is much more effort in my opinion. But do not get me wrong I love the Aventure 2 and am glad I made the switch ,just be aware of the main difference. Dave Russell

  8. Tata Summer

    Excellent bike. Great to ride!

  9. Cruz Ben

    Loving this bike. I had a Juiced Camp Scrambler until the motor went out. This is my replacement. It has the fat tires, great range and a Torque Sensor which is new for me. The suspension is pretty smooth and the fat tires are good on all terrains. You have to work (pedal really hard) to get up to the top speed of 28-29 mph. . It takes getting used to. It seems like it was easier to get to top speed with the Juiced w/o the physical work. I still enjoy this bike and I’ve been commuting 7 miles each way to & from work. I also take it out and ride the trails around the DMV area.

  10. Idani S

    Love this bike. Comfortable ride and very sporty!

  11. Starlet Bright

    Little did I know just how much I would absolutely love setting up, kitting up and riding out!

  12. Chair Werona

    The Aventon bike is absolutely beautiful. However! I cannot ride it. I simply cannot ride this bike. I would like to be able to contact someone so that perhaps I can get some guidance. I am 5 foot one. 78 years old and cannot maneuver these pedals so that I can actually ride the bike. I am so disappointed, especially having spent $2000 on a gorgeous bike. I will gladly send a video showing my dilemma.

  13. Otto Del

    Out rides so good
    When the motor kicks in hold on.the pick up is great
    . Using the assist mode it peddles so easy I Love It.

  14. Ernesto de la Fuente

    I’m hooked. I feel safe on it and feel like I have no limitations with a full charge. Save gas money while getting and exercise? Come on! It’s amazing, just buy one.

  15. Anon

    Took about 200 miles to break my bike in. Tire pressure, getting comfortable on the road and adding lights to ride at night made my ride that much more enjoyable. Also getting the seat suspension made ALL THE DIFFERANCE IN THE WORLD. After all these things have been completed, it has been AMAZING. I haven’t had this much fun since I was 15. I commute to work 22 miles each way, and I’m looking forward to riding home.

  16. Dollar Don

    The first bike we bought was a level 2 commuter bike which i loved but then i saw a Aventure and that was that . Since then we bought two , one for my Grandson and myself . I recently had spinal surgery and can use all of the aerobic exercise i can get . My Grandson and I religiously put in 20 miles a day on our bikes here in the Phoenix area where we have hundreds of miles of trails of all sorts . They are so much fun and we can go pretty much anywhere !
    Our Level 2 is now my wifes bike which is a fantastic ride on the more civilized paved trails .
    These bikes have been an excellent investment!

  17. Lachanche Grande

    Purchase and delivery of my Adventure was faster than I expected. It arrived in great shape and was easy to assemble. I did go ahead and take it to an Adventon for the first initial check and tune up. Customer service quickly corrected my accessory ordering mistake as well.

  18. Joelin Dark

    Best purchase of the year by far. This eBike pure quality and fantastic to ride. I’m still stunned. I can’t stay off of it!

  19. Benjie Stellar

    Friendly, in person help. Thx
    My wife and I recently purchased 2 of the Aventure 2 models, after I had the opprotunity to ride one of my brother’s Aventure 1 models for a week last fall in Western Washington (between my two brothers, my niece and her husband) they own 4 of the original Aventures and love them- so now 6 total in the family!

  20. Eunel Fren

    User manual: should spend more time on the display/controller. Better description of App pairing (QR scan only needed once), how to set bike for class 3 28MPH operation via the app, Haven’t yet seen the “Power bar” shown on page 20 on my display (or what its for), not sure if it’s possible to clear individual trip data entries (A or B but not both). Those unfamiliar with derailleur shifting should have some pointers on how to shift, bike is supplied with reflectors but no instructions or how/where to mount. Basically, an e-bike beginners tutorial would be great – how to meld/mix pedal power with e-power, when to throttle/“goose”, probably more, as I’m still learning. Does chain and cassette come pre greased?

  21. Tyron Robert

    I had a Wing electric bike before this and the Aventon exceeded my expectations. It looks and feels high quality and is a great value for the money.

  22. Robert Eric

    Nothing to complain about. Sturdy sleek and can get you moving fast.

  23. Joel Goose

    I’ve had my bike for two weeks and am extremely happy with my purchase. The bike handles great on all terrain and weather.

  24. Kola Drien

    This is my 1st e-bike and I love it!. A few years ago I broke my knee and riding my conventional bike put a lot of stress on my knee and it ached after every ride no matter how short. Got my Aventure 2 about a week ago and put a few miles on it already and not once have I had any pain in my knee!! I can’t wait to get out and ride now every chance I get! The only issue I have is the seat is a but hard for my taste and I’ve replaced it with a softer one, accessorize and make it your own!!

  25. Yuri Simon

    Everything works good and looks like good quality.
    The throttle is quite touchy and is hard to hold a steady medium speed.

  26. Derik

    Very pleased.

  27. Festus Grek

    Earlier this year, I made the decision to purchase an e-bike. I spent months doing research, talked with different e-bike owners, and rented bikes to get a better feel for what would work for me. The Aventure 2 was top on my list.

  28. Theo Demote

    We just received our bikes last week. I have too say, the assembly was a breeze. My hubs said the video was easy to follow and right to the point.
    We’ve been riding everyday and just enjoy the ease of this bike, from switching gears to switching pedal assist. It’s just a fun bike, you can get a great workout or just cruise with ease, the choice is yours.
    Don’t hesitate when trying to decide, just go for it, you’ll not be disappointed.

  29. Ruben

    This is a fantastic bike. I am so glad that I picked the .2! Simple to put together and a perfect rider. I put on 20 miles during my first ride. Everything feels so natural. I love the workout I get on this bike and have no issue getting my heart rate up when I want to. I had a small issue with the front caliper, called and was immediately taken care of by someone who actually cared on the other end of the line! My brother has a Rad bike, we went in a ride the other day. He wanted to test my bike out and now is talking about a move to an Aventure.2 also. Great job Aventon, you hit the nail on the head with this one!

  30. K.B

    I did a good amount of research on various e-bikes and I settled on the Aventura Step-Thru by Aventon in red. I could not be happier. I absolutely love this bike. I watched the various videos on Aventon’s site as well as other on You Tube specific to the Adventure. I love the pedal assist and used the app to increase my speed to 28 mph. So far my max speed at pedal assist 5 was 29.9 mph. It is so relaxing to just throttle through the area and site see. I highly recommend this bike to any beginner as well as the e-bike enthusiasts. Thank you Aventon !!!

  31. Nelson Phil

    I have done a lot of home work and found the Aventon Aventure to be the best electric fat tire bike available for under $2k. I bought two! One for my wife and one for myself. I am 6’6” 250 and fit well on the large version.

  32. Rakowski Z

    Her first Ebike, she loves it.

  33. Roland

    Purchase and delivery of my Adventure was faster than I expected. It arrived in great shape and was easy to assemble. I did go ahead and take it to an Adventon for the first initial check and tune up. Customer service quickly corrected my accessory ordering mistake as well.

  34. Frank Geona

    Have been riding it for 5 months now. It’s an absolute blast. Getting good mileage from each charge based on pedal assist settings and terrain. Put a suspension seat post on it from the get go and that seems to be a good decision. No regrets at all.

  35. Cornelius DP

    I’m extremely happy with my Aventure 2 purchase. My bike arrived in perfect condition and was easy to setup. The quality and construction of the bike are amazing. The included toolkit was a bonus. Thanks Flashe. forever gratefullll

  36. Samson A

    A pretty cool ride that does it all to be a great choice. I put 115 miles on it the first weekend, with mostly rail trails but also a good amount on the road and it was sweet. The battery has a quick turnaround to charge and I flew like the wind. The seat is the only drawback for the long rides and I upgraded with a nice cushion cover for the seat. The Aventure.2 is a solid and groovy ride. Breathe and ride…

  37. Hannah Bekline

    I can’t imagine life without it. It’s made my commute a breeze, I get tons of compliments on it. I will say that it is bigger than it looks online. I’m 5’5” and ordered the S/M bike and I still kinda have to tip toe to get in it lol. But other than that, I adore this bike.

  38. Samurai G

    Bike rides fantastic. Very easy to set level of assist you like to get a good workout or have lots of help. Makes riding up steep hills a breeze. Plan on taking bike down to the beach to do some sand riding.

  39. Kanga Stupenda

    Great bike. For the money it’s one of the best. Good value. Very well built. One thing that could be improved would be waterproofing or at least making it so the bike can be used or transported in the rain. Definitely recommend this bike to anyone that is looking for a powerful ebike at a reasonable cost. Purchase the seat post suspension, your backside will thank you. Very comfortable. Able to stay in the saddle much longer.

  40. Claude Desaire

    Great entry level ebike. Very happy with my purchase. It’s a powerful enough ebike to pretty much get you anywhere you need to go. The app can be downloaded to get you to that class 3 28mph speed and the aventure 2 gets you there with just a bit of pedaling effort. Saddle is ok for comfort, the upright seating position is good and the step over is fine for someone who is 5’9. No pressure on wrists either with the seating position. Easy to use and easy to put together. Win win win.

  41. Mol Feran

    Recently bought the Adventure 2 what a fantastic bike. First ride was about 30 miles and what a great ride! When I returned, I still had 60% battery left. Fun, comfortable ride and just a joy! So glad I decided on this bike!

  42. Lanerlle

    So far it’s been a great purchase. As a 325lb 6’2 guy with bad knees it’s been so nice to be able to enjoy biking again. Easy to assemble, ride and use.
    Will update on durability.

  43. Bob Shely

    I am 6 foot 5 and on the heavier side and was looking for something to fit my size. This being the only real contender was exactly what I was looking for!

  44. Lucky Enrom

    Just got the Adventure 2. Amazing !!!

  45. Ernesta Decon

    Love this bike. So fun to ride. Helpful when trying to get in shape. I am 5’11” 220lb and 50yrs old. This bike is so much fun! Love the fact that I can get a good workout without getting discouraged.

  46. Tolu Memot

    Very impressed with the Aventon Aventure.2 Ebike .
    We purchased the Ebike for my wife from FLASHE and she loves it! I am happy we are now able to ride longer distances together on mix-use trails and paths with different surface materials.

  47. Bener Alizen

    My new Adventure ST Ebike arrived a week ago. Although I was able to assemble the bike by myself I would recommend a helper. I was a little intimidated by the weight and size ( I’m over 60 years and 5’1” and haven’t ridden a bike for years ) but once I was on and pedaling with assist I was excited. I practiced in the backyard and driveway before heading out on the road a couple days later. I have only put 25 miles on so far and those are mostly dirt roads. The pedal assist is so smooth and am glad that I can now travel up hills with much ease. I have charged the battery once and it charged quickly. I still need to adjust the handle bars so I can see the gear dial and assist buttons better and the pedals could have better grip (seem slippery). Mirrors and a cargo rack included in original package would be nice. I am looking forward to many rides with my friends, children and grandchildren this summer.

  48. Venatia F

    At this review I only put some what 10 miles on. Very good battery life fast and easy on some of the hills that I have taken it up. It came very easy to put together had it up and running in under a hour. I like the app that shows you the route you took even elevation and all the other stuff it showed. Witch I don’t think Aventon or any of their social media reviewer’s had mentioned. It’s my first fat tire bike and really like the ride I have the Step through adventure.

  49. Mendena Sly

    Very pleased with this bike. Very well built. I was amazed with the amount of power on the 1st level of assist. I would highly recommend.

  50. Urena Pile

    The entire process of searching for the right bike, ordering, shipping and receiving was seamless. Customer service was extremely helpful in providing the answers I was looking for. The bike came in a well packed container. Installation was very easy and all the tools for installation were provided. The quality of the bike, fit and finish is exceptional. It is so much fun to ride and I really like the torque sensor feature. I highly recommend.

  51. Ortiz Samuel

    I’d already purchased this bike for myself and it wasn’t long before deciding to buy one for my wife, who was hesitant to spend the money at first. However, she found the bike to be just as fun and useful for exercise as I did. Now we go riding together and have a great time enjoying the heart-healthy exercise.

  52. Kelherer Jones


  53. Sally Dano

    took the bikes for a 10 mile ride up the beach along the gulf. Electric assistance made this very enjoyable. Could not have peddled without the assistance in deep sand. You can adjust power to still get a great workout.

  54. Crezalante K

    I am extremely happy with my bike. Had a question about the battery, and customer service walked me thru the issue. Have been on a number of rides and love the way it rides.

  55. Y

    Bradley Raye at Erik’s Bike Shop in Liberty MO assisted me with purchasing my new Aventure.2 this week from Flashe. I love this bike! Easy to adjust, easy to ride. I’ve put over 40 miles on in the first 3 days. Noah, at the Erik’s Bike Shop in OPKS helped us get the right rack so we can take our e-bikes out to Colorado & Utah in a couple of weeks. Ordered a few accessories from Aventon’s website, already shopping for a few more. Great value for a very nice e-bike!

  56. Steve M

    Fast shipment and customer service has improved immensely!


  57. Carlton Hoof

    I have had my Aventure for almost one year now. I wanted to wait and see how the bike performed over time before making a review. I can honestly say that it has held up well! I have put it through more than is probably recommended by the manufacturer. I have taken on some pretty rugged trails. I like to mountain bike with it and it holds its own out there. I have actually taken it in the mountains of the Northwest. I am constantly running over tree roots and rugged terrain in the woods. It is very sturdy and forgiving. The options given to you on this bike are awesome for the price. Many other e-bikes that have features like headlights/brake lights etc. cost MUCH more. Aventon did a good job with this one! We love going on rides on our e-bikes. The only thing I want to mention is that the pettal clearance is a little low, so pettal strikes do happen. However, the sturdiness and great value of this bike more than make up for that. Aventon has some good products!

  58. Jadon Spec

    Just rode over 130 miles! And very Happy with my purchase!! Every Day is a New Adventure! Thanks Flashe!!!

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