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AVENTON – Soltera Step-Through Ebike

(87 reviews)


A sleek, seven-speed electric bike that is nimble and powerful enough to weave through the jungles of the city yet lightweight enough to carry up a flight of stairs after a day’s work.

The elegant and minimalist design is reminiscent of Aventon’s performance cycling roots, but with an electric charge. The performance-inspired geometric frame allows for a more aggressive riding style with room to still enjoy a relaxing ride.

Maneuver your way through the city with the help of the stealthy yet powerful motor, equipped with both a throttle and pedal assist. Or if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, ride the Soltera using your own force and will. The choice is yours.


The Soltera comes in 2 sizes to suit most adults.

S/M 4’11” – 5’7″

M/L 5’7″ – 6’1″

Frame Size                                                  S/M                                          M/L
Height                                                     4’11” – 5’7″                                5’7″ – 6’1″
Top Tube Length                                     558mm                                    577mm
Reach                                                        398mm                                   414mm
Head Tube Length                                  140mm                                    150mm
Standover Height                                    648mm                                    648mm
Wheelbase                                             1042mm                                   1052mm
Min Saddle Height                                  865mm                                    915mm
Max Saddle Height                               1000mm                                    1050mm
MODEL: Soltera Step-Through Ebike
MOTOR: 36V, 350W (Nominal) brushless rear hub motor
THROTTLE: Throttle on Demand – Throttle from a complete stop
DISPLAY: BC280 LCD Easy Read Color Display with Backlight and app sync functionality
SPEED: Up to 20 MPH on Pedal Assist & Throttle
BATTERY: Removable Integrated Lithium-Ion 36V, 9.6Ah with LG cells
SENSORS: Cadence Sensor, Speed Sensor
CHARGER: 36V, 2 amp fast charger, 4-5 Hour Charging
RANGE: 41 Miles Average
FRAME: 6061 Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery
WEIGHT: 43 lbs
PEDALS: 9/16′ Alloy Platform
FORK: AE-E09 Soltera AL fork
WEIGHT LIMIT: Maximum Payload Capacity: 300 lbs
KICKSTAND: Included, Rear Mount
BOTTOM BRACKET: Square Taper, Sealed
CRANKSET: 170mm w/ 48 T
BRAKES: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes, 160mm Rotors
CHAIN: 100 Link, 7 Speed
RIM: Aluminum 36h Front & Rear
SPOKES: Black Stainless 13 Gauge
TUBES: Butyl Rubber, Schrader Valve
HUBS: 36H Nutted Front and Rear
TIRES: 700c*35c Kenda K193
SADDLE: SelleRoyal
SEATPOST: Forged Alloy, 27.2mm, 2-Bolt Clamp
STEM: Threadless, 31.8mm, 7 Degree Rise
SEAT CLAMP: Quick Release
HANDLEBARS: Aluminum 31.8mm,620mm
HEADSET: Sealed Bearing Headset
GRIPS: Ergonomic Comfort
LIGHTS: Front and rear lights integrated
Technical Overview
The Soltera ships as a Class II ebike, with pedal assist and throttle going up to 20 MPH . The Soltera will also operate with the throttle unplugged and removed, should you want to ride in an area where throttles are prohibited. Unplugging and removing the throttle from the Soltera will meet the requirements needed to be classified as a Class I ebike. Aventon ebikes are built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard. IPX4 means that your bike is resistant to water splashes from any direction. Which means it’s OK to ride or park your ebike in the rain. It won’t be harmed by spray from a wet road or raindrops. Your ebike is not intended to be submerged or subjected to a pressurized spray. Don’t use a pressure washer or sprayer to clean your ebike.

87 reviews for AVENTON – Soltera Step-Through Ebike

  1. Talia R

    I looked at several eBikes before choosing the Soltera 7. I’ve only had a chance to take it for a couple of short trips so far, but it did not disappoint. I had some trouble with the front fender install and reached out to customer service via email. I had a response within 24 hours. Fortunately, I worked it out and didn’t need the assistance but they were very responsive. It’s a beautiful bike. Very well constructed. I was able to put it together myself in a couple of hours. I can’t wait to take it on a longer trip. Based on my experience so far, I would highly recommend.

  2. Ryan James

    She loves it and wants to use it daily. Only down fall is in order to pump the tires up have to go purchase an attachment or a certain type of pump because of the style of air valves.

  3. Mirenal Ducking

    I love my E-bike I love the features it has, especially the petal assist and you have the opinion to ride like a regular bike. I only use the throttle when going up steep hills on the bike trail. By far, this was a great investment.

  4. Hill Farol

    Just tried it yesterday. Have not been on a bicycle in many years. However, I do ride a Harley. Will take some time to become acclimated, my wife & I will enjoy them in time.

  5. Fabrice Renith

    I have had my Soltera for a week now and it has performed well. It’s a strong build for only 41 lbs. Hit a huge pot hole in the dark with no damage to the rim and it handled perfectly. Could use a little bit more brightness from the installed light, might have seen the pothole a little better. Aside from the light I would highly recommend this bike.

  6. Rachel Dest

    She absolutely loves it! Battery life and the speed are a suprise.

  7. Candy Pearl

    Hi, I really like the bike as it is a very comfortable bike. But their were some problems when I unpacked the bike. The aluminum peice that holds the derailer on was bent and the chain was rubbing it, I fixed it. Also there was a bent spook on the front wheel that is still bent but okay to ride. These problems were no doubt caused from shipping and not the company’s fault. But I am happy with my decision to purchase this product.


  8. Jacob Stewart

    Got the Soltera 7 speed Step Through version. Was off to a bit of a rocky start where I got a flat tire in the first 2 miles. A sharp wood screw in the bike lane went all the way through the tire/tube. I think it would have gone through any tire and the stock tires seemed high quality. I got new tires and tubes and opted for a knobbier tire better for the snowy/icy conditions I occasionally ride here in Colorado. At 20 miles, bad luck again- this time a defective tube, which my local shop replaced free of charge. Since then I’ve been cruising to work and back (11.4 miles round trip) every day and have put 150 miles on it at this point. The bike is a joy to ride, handles great, and even had decent traction the one day there was ice/slush on the road. At the highest assist, 11.4 miles with about 500 ft of elevation gain tends to take 40-60% of the charge. That’s about the worst range I get (can go a lot further at lower assist levels). On my non electric mountain bike, 5.7 miles with 350 ft of gain takes about 40 minutes. On the Soltera 7 it takes 18 minutes! In my car, it takes 12 minutes. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good bike for commuting.

  9. Angel Carun

    Fun to ride. Love the 5 speeds easy to use. Can go pretty fast or slow. Enjoy riding it.

  10. Laka Lare

    This bike rides like a non ebike, not heavy or bulky. fits right in with my other mountain bikes. great by.

  11. Nelen Justin

    Received it within a week! Great customer service leading up to my purchase and after! Love the bike!

  12. Baba Jay

    Great design and the citrine color is spectacular. The braise-on on the top tube is perfect for the lock l’m going to add. I would suggest another on the seat tube, the usual place on most bikes for a water bottle..

  13. Orlof Abel

    I am amazed at the level of thought that went into designing this bike. They thought of everything – almost (I’ll get to that). Highlights: This thing is scary fast. It’s one of the lightest e-bikes out there. You have both pedal assist and a throttle. The throttle is handy when starting on a hill: no more throwing a leg over the seat and wobbling precariously as you set off. Given that you don’t need more than Level 1 (out of 5) assist on level terrain, the range should be a lot better than advertised. There are brake lights built into the rear frame stays! There’s a switchable front light. Reflective stripes on the tires. There’s even a tiny bell! My research indicated that you’d have to spend $2,500 or more to get any more than you get with the Soltera (and you’d give up some things).

    The one thing that’s missing? A rear light. That’s a big safety item that should be standard.

    Very impressed and satisfied.

  14. Colby Grandal

    Great bike for the money. If it was a little faster at accelerating, it would be perfect. Although I’m 6’2’’, 215 pounds, so that definitely contributes. Other than that, it’s great.

  15. Kandal Stinks

    I’ve had the bike for a few weeks now, but my wife and I have been enjoying it. I like that it’s light. Easy to maneuver I like using the throttle when stopped at stop signs. The set up was very straightforward. No problems so far it’s been a great around the town bike would highly recommend it.

  16. Erin Jade

    I love my Soltera step-through bike. I zip around the city an with the agility of a regular bike and power of an e-bike. Riding this bike is so fun and always brings a smile to my face. It is better for the environment, my mood, and my budget than a car!

  17. Denzel K

    This is a great bike. It is pretty easy to put together, and it rides great. I love the touch pad interface, and this made it over 9 miles without showing much decrease in battery. It is solid, looks nice, rides beautifully, and it is surprisingly comfortable. You will need a presta valve to blow up the tires, so acquire one (very cheap). I would like Aventon to offer a fatter tire version of this bike (mountain version), but the tires are strong and wide enough, and I guess that is a step up to the Pace or something. But, this is a great ebike, and I love it. You will not be disappointed in this purchase.

  18. Holding Phil

    I love my E-bike I love the features it has, especially the petal assist and you have the opinion to ride like a regular bike. I only use the throttle when going up steep hills on the bike trail. By far, this was a great investment.

  19. Milner Rori

    I bought the Soltera after a little research last June. I had no idea this bike is as bad ass as it is! I couldn’t believe how awesome it is to take ride with no worries about cramping or tiredness which usually occur on the ride back. The freedom and long range are ideal for my use. I’ll bring it out on a whim, hop on, pedal away and after an hour or so I’m back home stoked that I just took an amazing ride. The ease of use and convenience can’t be beat. I’ve since tried out other models (that are a LOT more expensive) and they can’t carry Aventons water in a bucket. These bikes rule! I’m in the process of getting a Level2 to add more wider wheels to the stable. The Soltera is great for road riding and hard packed trails but if I come across some adventurous softer dirt trails I would like to have more rubber on the road. Aventon has proven itself to be a standalone company in the e-bike market. Their customer service is above the norm for sure. Do yourself a favor and shop Aventon if you’re looking for the most out of your money. Their bikes are simply amazing!!!

  20. Hilda Perin

    Absolutely phenomenal

  21. Jack D

    My use and expectations changed with my experience. At first the novelty of pedal assist and shear fun of riding fast translated to more battery usage. But after a couple months I tended more and more to think of the motor as a backup. Aventon had turned me into a cyclist. By summer I had purchased another traditional (analog) bike, although the Soltera remained my go to. In the last 11 months I have ridden over 3,500 miles, 90% on the Soltera. That was not my expectation, I didn’t expect biking to consume all of my free time, so beware! It is addictive. I purchased the Soltera from a (relatively) local bike shop in Valparaiso and have been thrilled by the service available at my driveway. I had a free initial 200 mile tuneup, and a couple of broken spokes repaired. Other than that this bike has been perfect. I highly recommend Aventon and strongly suggest buying one from the closest dealer.

  22. Fam

    We now own four Soltera bikes and love them. Great bikes that let you expend as much effort as you please and are very easy to operate. Couldn’t be happier

  23. H

    Like the bike. Lots!

  24. Nelson Ethan

    Build quality on this bike is amazing! Lots of attention to detail, sturdy and looks good too! My teenage son mainly paid for the bike but thinking of buying myself one too so I can ride with him. It’s that good.

  25. John Dean

    Love It! Assembly was easy. Frame is solid. Works as promised and delivered early. Only rode it twice for a short distance, as I’m on the tail end of a broken leg recovery. I can’t wait for longer rides.

  26. Stiffleur Craon

    Makes the big hills in Atlanta easy to overcome, rides nicely without the assist get sweaty or stay dry you have options

  27. Anonymous

    My bike arrived on the day it was promised, within 5 minutes it was out of the box and ready to be assembled (the bike was in perfect condition). It took about 1 1/2 hrs to assemble it and air up the tires. I did get one 7 mile ride in on a day that the temp. got to about 50 degrees, It did everything for me that I brought it for. I live in Pa. and am waiting for some good weather to put some real miles on it.

  28. Neil Sutton

    Overall a VERY nice bicycle*. “Fit & Finish” top notch. 4.8 stars*. Been riding around for pleasure and shopping (I bought the rack and also a couple of – 5 star – Mule grocery bag racks). Loca area is hills and flats. 17.5 MPH seems to be my average speed. Fun as heck as my non-E ave is like 10-11.

    Range example: 31 mile ride with 1,600′ of climbing (6′ 210lbs…not all muscle…). Ended with 21% battery. Did have to do some battery management, varying from 0 to 5. Figured could have gotten maybe 5 more miles out of it with my terrain/power usage.

    350 watt motor (still have to work a bit on steeper roads)
    Cadence sensor*
    Water bottle holder braze on location (Under the top bar. Lost a bottle on my first outing when downhill and hit a cement culvert dip in the road. Also have to remove bottle cage to put bike on my top tube holding bike rack.)

    350 watt motor (still have to work a bit on steeper roads!!) 🙂
    Light enough to carry up steps (unlike my old 70 lbs cargo bike)
    Looks almost like a non E bike. (Top reason when I stumbled across Aventon bikes)
    Removable battery

    *Fine while riding solo, but almost annoying while trying to keep pace with some non-E riders. Pedal-stop-pedal-stop….a 2.5 power setting would be just right. Note: Actually would buy this same bike again for more $ if it came with a torque sensor (sell my current). Soltera 7 Plus!! Hint, hint…. 😉

  29. Eric Uba

    bike primarly for exercise and I wasn’t sure I was ready for an e-bike. After hearing friends rave about their e-bikes and doing more research, I took the leap. I am 4′ 11″ and recently turned 50. I was concerned about the weight of most e-bikes and being able to load it onto a bike rack. (I live in a very hilly area and commuting from my house is not optimal) My goal was to find a light bike with just enough juice to help me up those hills and save my knees. There was definitely a learning curve at first, figuring out how to best utilize the pedal assist and gears. I try to only use the pedal assist when I need it, which obviously helps the battery last longer. I rode 25 miles and had 69% left in the tank. Just for fun I cranked up the pedal assist on a ride yesterday and wow was it fun! I love how this bike doesn’t look like an e-bike, and you can’t beat the price. If your looking for a lightweight e-bike and still want the option of getting in a good workout, this bike is a great choice.

  30. Granny Danton

    I purchased a Soltera 7 several months ago and am very pleased. My only request would be for a smaller crank. Is there a way I could swap out for say a 42 tooth?

  31. Auriel Gepa

    This is my first ebike. I wanted one to help me up hills ,that when we ride, we do at least 5 to 6 times a week and hit quite a few hills. This gives me that little bump to get up them without overdoing myself all summer The bike still allows you to ride normally too which i like, i dont want a full assist the entire time. I did receive a bike with a dead battery but another one was shipped out and we are good to go now. I’ve only used the assist once but I think it’s going to be a gamechanger all summer and fall. Totally loving the bike right now also love that it doesn’t look like a ebike and so glad I decided to go with it!

  32. Nobert James

    I mostly ride on bike paths for fun and exercise, usually 10-40 miles, and wanted an e bike to smooth out some of the hills and help out on windy or hot days when Im struggling. I like how this bike is still very enjoyable to ride with little to no pedal assist. I usually use it on PAS 2 or 3 and can get much more then the advertised range if I’m doing a good amount of the work. My wife is still riding an analog bike and I try not smile too much when I see her struggling up a hill and I’m not breaking stride. Great bike for people who want a peddle bike with a boost and not an electric motorcycle with peddles.

  33. Garry Felaini

    Assembly is very easy. My main worry was whether the bike would perform uphill, but it does very well. Battery life also works out for me, able to cycle multiple hours. The highest support levels are way too fast for me, I still like to have the feeling that I’m actually cycling and not on a motorbike.

  34. June Fry

    70’th bday present for my wife. She loves it. Simple easy and with hills around us makes biking enjoyable.

  35. Gerard


  36. Xavier D

    The Soltera is SUCH a fun bike! I feel like a kid again. I bought it to keep up with my husband who can cycle long distances on our nearby bike trail systems and cut down on car commuting to work. I bought some pannier bags for the market and for an upcoming bike camp trip, and some matching pedals and it looks terrific. I was worried the bike was going to be quite heavy but it is is great. High quality components, easy pedal assist, comfortable ride– I am so happy with it!

  37. Klint Brooks

    I was apprehensive to go to a ebike. Did my maiden voyage today. Absolutely loved it!!!!! Laughed and smiled the entire ride! Beautiful color.

  38. Matt Drew

    Fun to ride light weight rides great

  39. Banker Berid

    Amazing bike , awesome, perfect commuter bike

  40. Austin Smith

    Really makes getting up hills a lot easier. For an old retired guy it makes the ride more enjoyable while still getting some exercise.

  41. Tim Edward

    I have been really impressed with the Soltera that I bought about 4 weeks ago. I have put about 150 miles on it already with no issues at all. What I love about it is that the pedal assist is very fluid and doesn’t jerk you around when you hit different gears. It helps just enough to still make it a good workout without killing you on the hills. Would highly recommend this bike for riders looking for a fun commute bike. Its very comfortable and I can make it to work and back with about 60% battery left roughly riding 20 miles per day. Overall, I am very pleased with this bike.

  42. Sarah Stephanie

    I used the youtube to get the tips on the set up (glad I did). The Soltera is exactly what I wanted, a bike that you can ride without the electric assist, or with it. That way I dont worry too much about running out of battery. The battery is good for at least 250+ miles without recharging. Its all good. Great around town bike, built in lights etc. I recommend buying a rear rack at the same time, if you are going to be carrying things like a Ulock.

  43. Buendia Kalid

    We received the bikes early and I did not wait for Christmas. They were easily assembled by myself in a short period of time, already having undergone some personalization. The product exceeds my expectations at every turn. I would not hesitate to recommend these bikes to anyone looking for a quality product that meets all of its marketing claims.

    I know it’s new, but I still ride it several times a day .

  44. Gina Saun

    Like the bike. Lots!

  45. David Barella

    The assembly was easy and the packaging was sufficient. No issues with either. With the weather so bad, I haven’t ridden more than I want to. So far everything is great. I only have about 2 miles on it. I also added a stem riser to the bike. I am 6’5″ and I wanted to sit more upright. I’ll add to my review when I have ridden more.

  46. Valery Shill

    I’ve been a fairly enthusiastic bike rider for all of my adult life. Well, I’m getting up there age-wise, and it seems like everyone else is riding an e-bike. So I read a lot of reviews and decided on the Soltera. What initially attracted me (besides its beautiful appearance) was that it was relatively light and looked and seemed to perform more like a regular bike. I didn’t want a big, heavy, fat tire bike that would be hard to transport. This looks like a regular road/commuter bike. It surprisingly comfortable and fast. The frame is rigid and a bit rough, but that is what I am used to with my regular hybrid. I ride mainly on paved roads and bike trails, but it does OK on crushed stone or dirt surfaces that are in decent shape. I hope the tires will hold up with moderate off-road use. The range is good and I can easily get 35 miles on a charge if I do a little bit of the work. My only complaint was that the bike shipped with a bent front rotor, which necessitated a trip to the bike shop to fix. But Aventon sent me a free bike pump to compensate for that. I got the yellow step over version, which gets a lot of “wows” from people who see it.

  47. Sean Ander

    Prompt delivery, good, packaging, and easy to assemble. Haven’t had a chance to ride it yet given that the Minnesota streets are clogged with ice. But it looks like it will be a sweet ride.

  48. Frank Reg

    I’ve ridden about 40 miles on my single speed Soltera so far and am loving it. Looks great and works super well. Getting used to the cadence sensor was probably the biggest adjustment because it takes a few seconds for pedal assist to kick in, which can be tough if you’re at the bottom of a hill and starting from zero, but getting the 7-speed instead of the single-speed would adequately address that problem if you have reservations. Overall extremely satisfying purchase – highly recommend!

  49. Hughes Spin

    I am absolutely thrilled with my new Soltera in its fabulous Citrine color….! I was a competitive road cyclist in high school and college, so have been around many bicycle makes and models. And without a doubt the Aventon line reflects very high quality designs, build, and performance.

    Initially I had purchased a step-through Soltera for my wife in October and she hands down loves riding it – and I noticed what a well-constructed bike it really is, so I ordered the step-over Soltera mid-December, and Flashe got it to me three days *before* Christmas, even though I was several days past the “Christmas shipping window.” Thanks Flashe…!! 😍

    Packaging was excellent and assembly was so straightforward and easy – especially after watching the assembly video.

    It took only one quick test ride to realize the Soltera is the most fun anyone can have on two wheels…!!

    Thank you Aventon for making amazingly high-quality e-bikes that are SO fun to ride, encourage fitness, and are reasonably priced – I tell everyone who asks about my Soltera to buy one…!! 🤗

  50. Declan K

    This is my second Aventon bike because my two children—grown children—kept arguing who was going to ride the commuter and who was going to ride my non-electric bike! Problem solved! Great bikes and so much fun….

  51. Damy Serah

    Finally out and about on the Soltera e-bikes we gave each other for Christmas. My wife and I are new to e-bikes and we a wee bit apprehensive about how easy or difficult it would be to adjust to powered biking. Our bikes are so comfortable and easy to ride. Very comfortable transition. Excited to how they will allow us to extended our bike riding adventures not only at home but in Cape May, Nashville and elsewhere.

  52. Anna West

    Rides like a real bike but has electric bike features. Awesome bike overall I love it

  53. Adande Luke

    I just got the larger frame Solterra in the yellow color from a local bike shop that had it in stock – and wow. I have a normal road bike and a bigger ebike to use with the kids, but wanted something that was as close to a regular bike as possible, but with some power for those windy days along the coast when biking is awful into a 20-30mph headwind. And this thing delivers. Without wind, I dont even need the power support, but when I do need it, it kicks in nicely. With power on 0, you dont waste the battery, while on “1”, you could close to 50 miles probably. The range drops when you are using more power (20-30 miles), but still not bad. Also, I recommend getting the 7 speed version, as you can really ride it like a normal bike (was doing 20 mph with no power support in 7th gear on a flat road, with tail wind). Without the gears, the power delivery would not feel as good, as the gears help you adjust to the terrain before the power kicks in (plus, it comes with the better brakes, which are needed as the bike is heavier than your normal bike).

    I was also wondering about the lack of torque sensor in this bike, but it actually feels very natural. Some people complained that there is a slight delay in the power, but I think it makes the bike feel much more natural and more like a normal bike – vs more of an e-scooter feel. This bike is really the best of both worlds: fun bike + ebike, so if you are looking for something like that, this is it. Oh, and for $1200, it is almost impossible to beat.

    And the yellow color looks amazing, in case you were wondering.

  54. Uriel Aner

    Bought the Soltera Step-Through for my daughter for going to high school. She loves it. I am amazed on the battery range on this bike. Bike is well built and easy to assemble. I may want to get one for myself since it really nice to ride.

  55. Ryler U

    I bought this bike for my wife for Christmas. I have an ebike from another manufacturer and really like riding bikes so I got this one for her. The shipping was fast (3 days from order). The bike was easy to assemble. Because the weather has been cold we have not rode much yet but so far everything this is good. I really like the color display and the controls. The seven speed shifter is smooth and works well. Happy so far!

  56. Bella C

    Love Love the bike

  57. Diane Heln

    I liked the quality, simplicity and reasonable price of my Step-Through Soltera. I was glad the beautiful Citrine color was available again too. I was pleased that a second battery was available for a $200 discount as well as an additional years warranty. Now if I decide to go for a longer ride, I have additional battery power available.

  58. .

    Love the bike

  59. Stella Olos

    Gave this to my husband as a gift and the weather (and his schedule) hasn’t allowed much for him to ride. He finallly did this past week and he loved it!!

  60. Steve Arpan

    My bike commute is about 14 miles round trip and after dropping my kid off at school in the morning, I have about 35 minutes to get to work. I was just not able to make it to work in time on my regular bike, so I ended up driving, which was eroding my will to live. I also have a very tight budget, so I first considered converting my commuter bike with a front wheel kit, but after reading reviews of the Soltera 7, and seeing that it was in my price range, I decided to give it a try. I am in love with this bike! It is so fast, not too heavy, and the pedal assist is smooth and easy to use. I love that it has gears and disc brakes. I did get a fender kit for wet days. I can get to work on time, reduce my carbon footprint, and best of all, not get stuck in rush hour traffic. Literally a dream come true.

  61. Ian Hoofman

    Soltera Step-Through Ebike simply the best.

  62. Jamin Usman

    I was hesitant at first to assemble the Soltera on my own. It turned out to be incredibly easy! All the parts and tools arrived, all in perfect condition, and the instructional online video was simple to follow. And believe me, if I can do it, so can anyone else!

  63. Mike Melo

    So far I am very happy with the purchase of this bike. Battery range seems about right for size of battery and power is just enough. I like having control over how much effort I feel like using. I have only rode the bike 23 miles so far but I am excited to ride thousands more. One thing for me personally is I will need to swap seats for something more comfortable but that’s no biggie.

  64. Kate Jenkins

    Love the ride

  65. Jean Claude V

    Wonderful bike and very well made. I bought a second one for my wife, and we are enjoying our rides together.

  66. Kyle Gerd

    At this price point, you cannot beat the quality and design of this Soltera. I love that it doesn’t really look like an e-bike, either. It was relatively straightforward to put together and it’s been a joy to ride. Highly recommend!

  67. Chang G

    Looking fora lighter e-bike and the Soltera fits perfectly. Everything I wanted in an e-bike with 7 speeds and multiple assists I couldn’t ask for anything more. Lots of compliments from friends on the good looking bike as some didn’t even know it was an e-bike. Ride on!

  68. Larry Portia

    Exactly what I expected. Nice fit and finish.the only thing I over looked and would like added for the money is a quick release front wheel. Besides that so far so good.

  69. Liam Dust

    i’ve ridden bikes my whole life. This will change everything.

  70. Harold Canbi


  71. Gregory Quintil

    The Soltera is a perfect bike for riding in town, also its lighter weight is ideal for riding as normal bike without having a heavy/large battery weighing the rider down. Great mechanics make the gears, pedal assist and throttle all easy to use. Comfortable ride!

  72. Wendy Cris

    So this is a gift from my wife, sweet. I got the Soltera and am amazed at almost every aspect so far. The packaging for shipment was top tier, assembly easy as can be with YouTube instructions and most important…everything works! I have only put a few miles on it but very pleased. The weight is like a non powered cruiser , very easy to pedal ( I’m old..easy means easy) w/o assist. With assist, just as powerful as my 500w Fat tire and will work for anyplace I would be riding. Did I mention fit and finish? Far exceeds what one would think, considering the very reasonable price. Seriously, looking for an eBike? The Soltera is a no brainer (:

  73. Yan Comar

    Only 50 miles on it but quite happy with everything. Comfortable and no assist pedaling is very accommodating

  74. Mike Dean

    I gave this bike as a gift! OMG she was blown away. So many extras, so many fun gadgets, so many things to check out. This bike was a hit!

  75. Michael Ditto

    Absolutely fantastic bike. It meets all of our expectations. We have added a few things to it to make it a little bit more comfortable ( seat post and rear rack) for my wife, and she rides like a champ. We are looking forward to 2023 with the soltera step through as part of our transportation options.

    At this point… l can highly recommend the Soltera 7 with no reservations.

  76. Jared Dan

    She loves it and wants to use it daily. Only down fall is in order to pump the tires up have to go purchase an attachment or a certain type of pump because of the style of air valves.

  77. Lionel Orig

    I purchased 2 Soltera 7 bicycles and put them together myself. The tutorial videos posted online were very good and made assembling the bikes very easy. I am impressed with the quality of the bicycles and with the support from Aventon.

  78. Dani wright

    I’ve been riding my Soltera for about 3 weeks. My truck was in the shop from a small accident. My daughter’s preschool and my office are both within biking distance, but we live in a hilly town here in southern CA, so riding my beach cruiser was not ideal. I had been researching an e-bike for way too long and settled on the Soltera as it was the best mix of usability, gears, a stealthy appearance, and price of course. When I finally pulled the trigger and assembled the bike, it was a game-changer.

    I love this bike. I have a Thule Yepp for my 3 year old and we have ridden together every weekday for the last three weeks. The torque sensor works great, the throttle too. Our hills are pretty serious, so temper your expectations on hills. You cannot throttle up hills, and I use all 7 gears on this bike. Steep hills I’ll be in the lowest gear. But on flats, you barely need to pedal to hit the max speed. I think I might get to work faster than driving. Getting around town easily without needing to park is also fantastic. I love the integrated lights, especially as we are mixing it up in city streets I feel seen. I can’t wait for more beach days towing the girls in the Burley.

    The only complaints, if I had to say, are these: 1) it is a stiff ride. Which is expected on a more road-bike oriented seat and tires. 2) the motor on hills is underwhelming. I wanted a bike I needed to pedal for sure, and I got it. 3) it sometimes does not shift into 7th gear, but the shifter is otherwise super crisp and works great.

  79. Raphael Veron

    Bought my Soltera after an accident left my car in the shop for months. Got the bike to get to and from work and it’s been an absolute blast! I’ve been riding it to work as much as possible now to help save on gas now that I have my car back but it feels so great to ride. The ride is very smooth and I feel like it could definitely replace my car as my main form of transportation soon once I’m able to wear gloves again.

  80. Frian Rouge

    This bike is amazing! I live in a hilly town and had a lot of trouble getting up the steep hills when road riding. Now, of course, with the Soltera Aventon ebike, it’s a seamless ride right up the hill. My very fit husband rides his non-ebike along with me and I have to keep stopping for him to catch up, lol. I recommend this bike, which is fairly lightweight compared to other ebikes, to anyone who likes to commute or simply ride the roads or bike paths in their neighborhood. And, it arrived within one week and was super easy to put together. Great job Aventon!and thanks to Flashe for the good deal

  81. Sedrique Sheya

    I bought my Soltera almost one year ago, and it became my daily commuter. A round-trip journey to work is 30 miles, on Tucson roads, with some pretty significant hills. I also tow a trailer with my 5-year-old for the first 10 miles, to drop him off at school. I’ve ridden it in 20-degree weather, 100-degree weather, monsoons, and windy afternoons. Needless to say, I’ve put this bike to the test!

    The other day I hit the 4000 mile mark and can attest to this bike’s durability and reliability. I have had zero mechanical issues, electrical issues, or other issues. Regular tune-ups and cleanings have kept her ticking right along. Replaced the chain and a broken spoke at 3500 miles. All the components have held up marvelously

    I typically have it on PAS 5, moving around 20mph. It takes some leg power, but I can make it 15 miles, uphill, towing the trailer, and get to work with 20% charge left. Homeward is majority downhill with no trailer, and I typically arrive home with above 70% charge.

    Put solid foam tires on it (highly recommended!) so I haven’t had any flats, and the bike’s even held up well to the added rigidity of airless tires.

    Love this bike! Here’s to 4000 more miles…

  82. Vera Gu

    Most e-bikes I’ve ridden feel like electric motorcycles with pedals. They’re big, heavy, and if the battery ever died, you’d have a really hard time pedaling back. The motor just takes over.

    However, on the Soltera, you CAN easily ride it around without any motor help, but can easily turn it on to help you pedal (not do it for you)

    This feels like the perfect mix of ebike for me. Well done!

  83. Derrick Ostin

    I haven’t been able to take the Soltera out too much due to the weather, but the few times I have it has been very enjoyable. I can’t wait to be able to take it out many more times. I was very happy with the delivery time of the ebike and I am very happy with the Soltera Step-Through.

  84. Marion Herz

    I love this e-bike. It was easy to assemble, has quality parts and is so fun to ride

  85. Ryan Atta

    I have owned the Soltera for about two months and it has made my commute to work much more enjoyable. It definitely is best suited for smoother roads, but I haven’t had too much of an issue riding over less well-maintained asphalt with the stock tires.

  86. Martin M

    I had owned a different brand eBike for several years, so I already knew what I liked and disliked. I researched a LOT of different eBikes and was looking for eBikes that were relatively light, had good range on a single battery charge, had a throttle and great reviews. I also did not want it to look like an eBike where it seems they just threw a battery on the frame to make it an eBike. I purchased the Aventon Solteravfrom FLASHE and I could not be happier. This is a great bike – I love it!

  87. Paul Gio

    I wanted an ebike that looked like a regular bike. The Soltera delivers that and more! But the bomb is this pedal assist. Now I can ride the hills to my house with ease!

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