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500 Watt TRUCK brushless gear motor.
In the fully charged and pure power mode, the riding distance is 25-35km
Battery size:
48V 11.6Ah lithium battery Samsung
48V 15A Intelligent Controller
26×2.5 inch Tire.
110-220V (It takes 4-6 Hours to fully charge the battery,Recharge regularly to extend the life of battery)
You can set the wheel diameter, speed, backlight, mileage unit, riding mode, PAS gear and Charge your phone. LED screen displays battery power, speed, mileage, gear, wattage.
Riding mode:
Three riding modes: Pedal Mode / Boost Mode / Power Mode (electric bikes from Germany warehouse do not have Power Mode)
Max Speed:
In the fully charged state, the maximum speed can reach 27.9mp/h
Please Note:
This Ebike is not recommended for riders under the age of 16. Given the high speed that this Ebike can travel, wearing a helmet is highly recommended.
Shipping Terms:
We usually use FEDEX or UPS logistics providers to transport packages, and the delivery time is about a week. Except shiping from China.
Turn-Handle:Rotary (except electric bikes from Germany warehouse)
Throttle: With (except electric bikes from Germany warehouse)
Power sensor:PAS intelligent pedal assistant system
Fork: Aluminum Alloy Rigid Fork
Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Gear Shift Lever: 7 Speed Dial SHIMANO/Sunrace
Derailleur: 7 Speed SHIMANO/Sunrace
Light: With Front light. 1500W bike do not have.
Fender: With
Weight Capacity: 300 LB

Electric Bike*1
Li-ion Battery*1
Tool Kit*1
Pedal*1 pair



The S05 is the only electric bike that uses 26” x 2.5” narrow tires. Compared to the 4” fat tire bike, the narrow tire bike will be more flexible and faster while riding. The designers chose to decorate the S05 with orange and blue lines adding vitality to the bike. The S05 has a headlight and brake light to give you full security when riding at night.



  1. Afely Dsentis

    Battery life And the computer ther monitor needs a better update to read the battery diagnostic, over all awesome bike Wish we have more color options

  2. Aleman Pob

    This bike is too tall for most people. The vendor should show the frame height so customers can see if they will be able to ride it. You have to be 6′ tall or more to be able to touch the ground,

  3. Angry user

    First bike the breaks failed and got hit by a car broke two ribs, the company refused to send me a wheel after 3 months so I returned it and a week later I got the wheel and no refund for another month so I bought a second one with my rent money because I doordash and this is my only source of income, got evicted and cancelled the order but they still sent it to the address I got kicked out from so I had to break in to retrieved the bike and had to lock pick it for it to start. Now they won’t take it back because I don’t have the original box so I’m homeless on a 1700 bike waiting to be robbed in Philadelphia. Thank you for the great experience. I rather my stools be quagulated blood than to deal with people like this but the bike looks nice am I right. I never wished wrong on anyone but dang I hope they go under.

    The only reason I bought the second bike was because I had purchase a second battery as well as this one will give you 10-15miles on full charge tops.

  4. Rocky Gill

    I’m extremely impressed with the 1500w S18… It’s HUGE! I’m 6ft and feel like a baby next to it…Way too big for a bus rack! It’s like a dirt bike! Very fast.. I weigh 250 and got 15 miles using full power yesterday… cant believe it didn’t get 5 stars from everyone, that’s why I don’t trust negative reviews.. I’d definitely recommend and buy again!

  5. H

    It’s a good bike overall, but the display shows a peak of about 1200 watts. Also every time you shut off the bike the clock does not keep working. So the clock is very annoying and always wrong.

    Yesterday I got 12 miles pulling my 2 girls that weigh about 100# together in a yellow buggy. I peddled the whole way on trails but the display showed 20% left at the end. Otherwise I’ve never maxed out the battery.

    The bike is Hefty at the company’s 77#’s. I bought it to mount to different pieces of equipment to help move from place to place. It works but is heavy when I need to lift it up a few feet.

    I can get 30-33 MPH from the display going down hill but it easily goes 25, and can get 25 when I pull the buggy as well. I need a spacer for the seat when pulling the buggy or it will drag on the tire, but that is an issue with the large tire and not a big deal.

    I really like the huge tires. As a farmer I have taken the bike into muddy fields and it stays above the dirt better than any other equipment I have.

    Overall a good bike, but still has some improvements that can be made.

    Added about 1 year in. The bike still works well, but can not run it for 15 miles with or without pulling something. I wish it had a better more standard connector, so I could easily add a second battery and keep going. 15 amp hrs is really not enough for a bike with 1200 watts or 1500 if you believe their advertisements.

  6. Polycarp Stupe

    Good bicycle, but heavy and battery is no work for more the 1 hours

  7. Garry H

    I am 313 pounds 6’5′ Tall. I saw 32mph out of the box. Sounds slow, however you be cookin at 25mph, fast enough, total assist, remember, and on a bike. Impressive.
    The torque on a hill is a negative but I am huge too. so 4 stars there.
    For a really big person, like myself, it is like finding a GQ Big and Tall store, they just don’t exist. This bike is also heavy. i mean wow…again, for a very large person …blah blah. I was riding it up and down long hills on total assist, I know “There goes the warranty at 313 lbs and not pedaling at all….void”, for half an hour and the battery dropped to 92% but will probably go back up to 95% as it cools down. I don’t see 27 miles materializing, however, With a person pedaling along too I bet 15 (total 7 there 7 back) would be possible. So this is a good buy if you are large, otherwise consider it the weight of a moped or seated scooter, not a bike.

  8. Yanulia

    My battery fails 2 weeks of owning it, get a better battery!!

  9. Harold Delby

    So I love this bike I bought it because I needed to get to work and wanted something I didn’t need to pedal. Now if your short like me 5’9” it is kinda tall I can’t touch the ground while sitting on the seat. The bike is fairly quick with me 200 pounds I can get at a cruising speed without paddling around 30 miles an hour. I rode this bike all winter in iowa and ya I did fall 3 times and it’s not fun. There is a shake in the handlebars if you don’t have both hand on it tho not sure why I’ve deflated the tires and aired them up again to 20 psi and didn’t help. I also had the kick stand come loose on me twice now so I recommend putting a lock tight on the bolt because it’s a pain to tighten up when it does come loose. I very rarely use the pedals and I can go to and from work and go home on my lunch everyday and only have to charge the battery once a week I live maybe a mile and a half from work. I have been told it is hard to see me at night even with the lights on not much you can do about that but all in all it’s an amazing bike on the road and off I highly recommend this if your looking to cut down on cost of gas or just to go on a trail for a bike ride.
    Oh and by the way don’t let the battery die it is not fun to pedal it is hard with them big tires.

  10. Angel Rahun

    When this bike arrived in a well protected box with styrofoam wraps and blocks, I knew my money was well spent.

    It took me months to review different eBikes and the cost was one item that drove me away. I am six feet tall and thought it might be too small.

    To my amazement, this bike is huge. The response of the 1500 watt motor is crazy. It took no time to get my behind up to 28 Mph. I even took it off-road and still enjoy the power and handling.

    It easy to control and has plenty of power for me. After all, 28 mph is pretty fast on a bicycle. Besides being powerful, it looks sexy. The Snakeskin paint scheme is awesome.

    For my first eBike, I am impressed with what I purchased. Thank you very much for providing me with something fun and healthy.

  11. Soweman Lake

    When you get it put together, it is awesome! An extra set of hands make’s it go together quicker.

    Fast, easy to steer. Seat position needs to be improved.

    Look forward to my time on it every afternoon

  12. Harriet Fowler

    really thought it came very quickly,and was so easy to put a couple things together. I would like to find out how I can get a second battery for the bike would be cool

  13. Reis C

    I’ve been used to riding motorcycles but since I was severely injured I had to get rid of the motorcycle for fear of traffic and accidents I decided to buy a electric bike I did my homework and for the money you cannot beat this thing everybody says it’s battery runs out quick mine doesn’t plenty fast enough for 30 miles an hour haven’t climbed any big hills yet but it seems to work fine for me.

  14. June Gerd

    What a great product this is, I love my new aostirmotor even though I had a problem with this product within a week of receiving it, its still a great product with a great company that stands behind it. Even though I I didn’t opt into the insurance for my bike aostirmotor didn’t hesitate to fix my problem, so Even though I had an issue with the product I wouldn’t think twice about buying another product of theirs because I know from experience that they will make things right. They also had great customer service 5 stars for sure!!!

  15. Eleanor Hov

    Speed can be adjusted but will last not as long, peddle assist will make battery life last longer or if you adjust the throttle speed to be low it will last a while. Don’t expect it to last more then 4 hours on extreme use. I was able to top out about 60mph with peddling with slight down slant with adjusted advanced settings.

    Seat was a bit uncomfortable and I can’t figure out the headlight how to turn it on?!

  16. Caron F

    I bought one of these Bikes 2 years ago and used it as a daily driver until it got stolen. It was an issue on the old bike with the power wires to the motor controller in the rear wheel. The new model has the motor controller between the pedals and it appears they solved that problem. The bike also comes with a working headlight and taillight that was not included on the first model. The battery May last as long as advertised if you like driving slow. I drive constant full frontal in a hilly City environment and get about 20 miles between charges and easily cruises at 30 miles an hour without pedaling. I prefer charging the battery every night since the battery management system reduces power to consume energy. Which means if I do not charge it the second day, I will not accelerate as fast and top speed is reduced. Bicycle arrive sooner than expected with almost a fully charged battery. There was only two small issues I’ve had with this bike. the little lever to the Bell was broken and I am receiving a new replacement in the mail. The other was the cable to the derailleur wasn’t tight enough and came loose when shifting gears. I just had to realign the derailleur in tighten the cable back down. Everywhere I go I get compliments on the bike and haven’t popped a tire on potholes since I’ve owned a fat tire Bike

  17. Lyman I

    Fast shipping, everything works as it should, highly recommended.

  18. Kerry Baringa

    I have had the bike for a few months now and really like it. The fenders are cheap but the bike is built well. I had a bad fall with it and after adjusting a few items (handle bars and brake calipers) it was good as new.
    The bike will not go up hills on battery power alone, but it greatly helps pedaling. The only complaint I have is that there isn’t any room for accessories. I got a water bottle holder and mirrors and can’t find a place to put them. The handle bars and frames have unique shapes. It is also a tall bike. I have the seat as low as it will go and I can’t put me feet on the ground when the bike is fully upright.
    Overall, it is a great bike for the price and I am very happy with the purchase.

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